Raw Materials Exploration and Sustainability – RAMES

Effective exploration and discovery of new primary Raw Materials are of great importance for securing future supplies in the global economy. Within this context, one of the global challenges is the creation of the next generation of resource specialists within the raw materials world. These specialists must have extensive knowledge of primary raw materials, broad competences and skills in identifying and characterising raw materials in the anthroposphere (e.g. tailings, landfills, or in-use stocks), and sensitivity to pressing managerial and business challenges that the effective exploration of raw materials poses. Understanding the large-scale, socio-economic metabolism underlying the complex raw materials value chain is of vital importance for geologists and all other professionals working with raw materials. Consequently, there is an increasing need to broaden research and educational perspectives to secure
future supplies.

Following this approach, RaMES is an MSc degree that blends a Resource Geology curriculum with subjects devoted to exploration and the deployment of raw materials as a sustainable process.

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